What would “regular folks” think of your Facebook Page?

Imagine for a moment, your group is attending an event, such as “Bark in the Park”, and some non-rescue minded people visit your booth.

Just “regular people” that may or may not own a pet, but are in no way associated with animal rescue.

You talk with them a bit, invite them to visit your facebook page, and give them a pamphlet.

When they visit your facebook page, what will be their FIRST impressions?

I visit many, many different rescue group and shelter facebook pages on a weekly basis.

One of the things I do is try to imagine what the “non-rescue minded” person would be thinking when they visited.

I am amazed at the number of posts that are urgent pleas for money… or fosters. Desperate notices of pets on the brink of death… petitions to be signed to boycott this or that… or to send a message to one government body or another.

Now don’t get me wrong… I do see a few happy posts of this pet or that pet that was adopted… or before and after photos of pets that were nursed back to health.

However, there are MANY posts that are preaching to the die hard, Rescue minded fans… and fewer aimed at those that may be looking into a Rescued pet as an option for the very first time.

Our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed ) is often bombarded by negative, urgent, and “pleas for donations” type of posts.

So much so, that we have actually put a page on our website, inviting people to post positive, adoption success stories on our facebook wall.


You see… we feel that many people have the wrong opinion about shelter pets, and that is why they turn to pet stores to “purchase” a pet, as opposed to visiting the shelter to “adopt” a pet.

The more positive stories, photos, etc… they can be exposed to (regarding rescued pets) the more apt they are to adopt.

Yes… some will have their heartstrings tugged by the post about an urgent dog… or be motivated to adopt the pet who has a sponsor to have their adopt fees paid.

However, just as many… if not more, may be driven away, if the “tone” of your page is not appealing to them.

So tell me… do you ever stand back… take a look at your posts… and ask yourself how your page may look to an “outsider”?

Expanding your fan base… and bringing in new people who may not “live, breathe, and sleep” rescue… is the key to growth.

Is your “tone” aimed at those who already have rescued pets, and need to be “convinced” to get another?

Or are you also tailoring your message to appeal to those who are new to pet ownership and may not know anything about rescued pets?

Definitely something to think about.

If your group is interested in reaching more fans on facebook, be sure to check out our facebook promotion tips here: http://www.rescuedismyfavoritebreed.org/FB-Promotion-Tips.htm

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