Are you Preaching to the Choir?


Last week, I posed the question “What would regular folks (i.e. non-rescue people) think of your facebook page”.

I was surprised by the number of people that said “Don’t know… don’t care.”

Really? That is amazing. I bet these people represent groups that have to “beg” people to be fosters, and struggle to find homes for their rescued pets.

Simply “circling the wagons” and constantly recruiting from your same pool of supporters, is not a good way to grow your rescue.

Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters need to find a way to bring the “general public” into our world.

Any group worth their salt should be concerned about what message they are sending to potential new fans.

On facebook… the “preaching to the choir” problem is huge. We see posts on our FB wall… or messages… on almost a daily basis with people sharing their animal rescue related page.

What they are doing, is crossposting on other rescue group sites… pulling from the same pool of animal rescue minded people.

What I don’t see very much of… is groups liking and posting on NON-rescue based pages… attracting NEW potential pet owners into the “animal rescue world”.

We touch on ways to get exposure on non-rescue pages in our Facebook Marketing Tips Course… with specific info here: and also here:

Yes… keeping your supporters energized and engaged in what you are doing IS important… but don’t forget that the more NEW people you can attract… i.e. those not previously involved in animal rescue… the easier it will be for you to find new adopters, fosters, volunteers, and supporters.

People have asked us why our t-shirts, bumper stickers, magnets, etc… are brightly colored, cartoon style designs.

It’s simple… our goal is for the person wearing them (or putting them on their car) to attract attention and for the items to be a “conversation starter”. When someone out of the blue says “I like your shirt”… or “cute design”… you then have the opportunity to talk to that person about animal rescue.

Much more effective than simply standing on the street corner with a sign.

Bottom line… the more NEW people you can attract… the more animals can be saved.

So don’t just “preach to the choir”… tailor your message to those who have yet to even “step into the church”.

In the end… it’s all about the animals. More fosters and more adopters = more animals saved.

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One Response to Are you Preaching to the Choir?

  1. Sharon Lawrence says:

    I aggressively cross-post to help rescue groups/shelters, almost always writing a message that helps educate those outside the “movement.” Also, I try to use my communications skills to encourage people to volunteer/donate/network/adopt … whatever. If I see a post about an animal in Georgia, for example, I will post that item specifically to friends/family in Georgia … just to educate/inform and encourage them to get involved. Since I know a lot of people in the military/with family in the military/veterans, I cross-post items from sites like Dogs on Deployment, so even if people aren’t into rescue, they might be encouraged to help because they support veterans/service personnel. I have a relative who works for Seeing Eye, so of course, I cross-post about guide dog issues/needs. I’ve also “liked” many rescue groups outside the area where I live, picking areas where I have clusters of friends & family. The point of this being that people can’t help unless they know there is a need. Once they know that, sometimes they need to be asked … both generally and specifically. And sometimes they just need expert advice on what to do. This must be working, because I’m getting messages from perfect strangers, who have an animal issue (usually feral cat) and have seen my comments on Facebook, so I respond to them, help them, and pray that’s one more person that does one thing they wouldn’t have done otherwise …

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