It’s not JUST about the Money…


(Like this shirt? It is available via this page)

Yes, it’s true. We are in the business of helping raise $$ for animal shelters and rescues, via our t-shirt fundraisers.

Saving animals, paying pull fees, fully vetting pets, and the feeding and care… all cost money. So, our fundraising does play a big part in helping groups “do what they do”.

However, there is more to the t-shirt business than JUST raising $$.

Some people will say,,, “How about if we just donate some money instead?” Which works well for simply supporting the rescue… but does NOTHING to raise awareness.

The great thing about wearing a t-shirt in public, with an animal rescue message, is that you are being a passive form of advertising. People are more likely to receive a message, if it is presented in a non-threatening way.

One reason we have chosen to do brightly colored, cartoonish style shirts, is that they attract attention.

You will be amazed at the number of people who will comment about the shirts, while you are wearing them. This is a great conversation starter. You can use that opportunity to tell people about your rescued pet, or ask them if they have considered adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue, etc…

So yes… giving $20 to your favorite animal rescue or shelter, WILL help them for a brief time. However, purchasing a t-shirt, which raises awareness will help “change the thinking” of the public at large. And with more people thinking about adopting pets, it is that much easier for Rescues and Shelters to do their job!

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