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Rescues Can Learn a Lot from our Local Brewery…

There is a local brewery and restaurant that has figured things out. You see… they make most of their $$ from selling micro-brewed beer and from their restaurant. They make very little $$ on sales of t-shirt and clothing… but … Continue reading

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Would you get Upset at your Veterinarian for this…

This is mainly geared towards those either associated with or running an Animal Rescue, Shelter, Pet Sanctuary, etc… It is a simple question of expectation… No organization does everything by themselves, they work with other professionals and volunteers to help … Continue reading

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Facebook may CLOSE DOWN your Animal Rescue account!

This is VERY IMPORTANT info… please share ASAP! Here is the deal. 1. Facebook is a business  Yes, it is free to you, me and the rest of the world… but in several parts of the US, there are large buildings holding 1000’s of … Continue reading

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