Facebook may CLOSE DOWN your Animal Rescue account!


This is VERY IMPORTANT info… please share ASAP!

Here is the deal.

1. Facebook is a business  Yes, it is free to you, me and the rest of the world… but in several parts of the US, there are large buildings holding 1000’s of computers, eating up megawatts of power (to run the computers AND the AC to keep them cool)… plus there are hard drives to replace, technicians to keep track of everything, software developers, etc… so it costs $$$ to run.

2. Facebook earns $$ by selling advertising All those ads you see are what supports Facebook. Recently, Facebook went public, selling stock to raise $$. Their stock price has dropped dramatically in recent days, (More on that later).

3. Accurate Facebook Data = more Ad Revenue Advertising is expensive. And businesses want to make sure their ads are seen by the right people. Just think about this… if you sold Quilting supplies, and paid $200 to have an ad put in the back of Quilter’s Digest (a magazine all your potential customers read), how would you feel if your ad mistakenly ended up in the back of Popular Science or a Sport Fishing magazine? People reading those magazines are NOT your customers and thus, your Ad dollars are wasted and you probably wouldn’t spend any more $$ with that Advertising firm. Facebook is the same way, people buy ads and “target” those ads to certain people with certain interests, based on data Facebook has collected.

4. Facebook stock has dropped Why? Many people feel that the data Facebook has given it’s advertisers are inflated, wrong, or just inaccurate. Facebook needs to change this to increase their advertising revenue.

5. Why should I care and what does this have to do with Animal Rescue? Facebook has rules, and many, MANY animal rescue groups have broken these rules. There are 3 ways to be on Facebook… The first is a group. The second is to setup a personal/friend account. The third is to setup a page. Read On…

A person can setup a Facebook PAGE for just about anything that is legal and not profane or pornographic. In other words… you can have a PAGE for “World Peace”… you can set up a PAGE for your Goldfish named Fred… you can setup a PAGE for XYZ Animal Rescue. You know if you have a PAGE by the simple fact that people can visit a PAGE, and simply click on “like”… in other words, a PAGE is something a fan can simply visit and “LIKE”.

PAGES are for groups, pets, organizations, ideas, places, etc… even public figures… you can basically setup a PAGE for anything. No problem there.

Personal/Friend accounts are for PEOPLE only… if you have a facebook page, where someone has to visit your page and submit a “friend request”… you have a Personal/Friend account.

This is perfectly fine, if this account is for YOU. If the name on that account is Mary Smith, Joe Wallace, Sara Parker, etc… you are fine.

However…. many, MANY people have signed up with Facebook Personal/Friend accounts… but are using them for their Rescue Groups… or their PETS… or as a Crossposting account… etc… and these are ALL against Facebook Rules and these accounts are going to be closed down soon!

If you have an account that says “XYZ Rescue” and people have to “friend request you”… your account violates Facebook’s term’s of service. If you have setup an account for “urgent pets of Caroline County” and people have to “friend request you” (instead of simply “like” the page), that page is in violation of Facebook’s terms.

If you have a secondary account that is “Sue’s Crossposting Page” and people have to “friend” you… that is in violation of Facebook’s terms… and if you setup an account for your Chawheenie named “Mr. Whiskers”, and he has people who “friend” his account, that too is in violation of Facebook terms.

Soon… Facebook will be closing accounts that are in violation of their terms!… and MAY not even give your group any notice?

Don’t think Facebook will do this? Just ask the folks at Eagle’s Den Rescue They had their “friend account” closed down in December of 2010… and had to rebuild their Facebook following all over again.

Does your group have a “friend” account? How many “friends” would be lost if your page was shut down tomorrow?

Understand, when Facebook shuts down an account, you no longer have access to those “friends” or any of the photos or info associated with that page!


Simple… I know this is STILL happening!

I have 100’s of groups signed up with my online t-shirt fundraising program. I keep their name, their t-shirt page link, and the link to their Facebook page in a database. I also have a little box that I check that says “Group, Page, or Friend” depending upon which type of account they have setup in their Rescue’s name.

I STILL have many, many, MANY groups that ONLY have a “friend account”. These groups are ALL at risk for having their accounts closed and losing ALL their contact with their supporters.


Simple… when you violate Facebook policy, you are “messing” with Facebook data. “Friend” accounts were NOT design for groups, or for pets, or for “causes”. If an advertiser is PAYING for advertising, and trusting that when Facebook says their ad is going to be displayed to Males, who live in Arkansas, and like Steak… that is what happens. Advertisers do NOT want Facebook to waste their Ad money by displaying their ad to a male Dog, in Arkansas, named Mr. Whiskers, who also likes Steak… and whose owner setup a bogus Facebook account for them and is using it online.

Bottom Line… if YOU have a “personal/friend” account that is not set up as “just a person… i.e. ONE human being with accurate information”… it may go away very quickly.

You really need to setup a PAGE for your Rescue, Shelter, Crossposting, Activism, or “Showing off Mr. Whiskers”.

Do it quickly… so you can still contact all your Friends and tell them you have a new PAGE.

We have more info regarding this, in our Facebook Marketing Tips.

If you want to verify that the info we are sharing is correct, it is also online here:


What you are doing it TOO IMPORTANT to have it stopped due to a Facebook Rule Violation.

If your group is still using a “Friend” account, have them start up a PAGE ASAP!

If you know of a group that still uses a “Friend” account, please share this info with them!

Info on how to CONVERT your “friend” account to a PAGE is here:

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109 Responses to Facebook may CLOSE DOWN your Animal Rescue account!

  1. shona staples says:

    ❤ ❤

  2. Pragmatist says:

    “Why would FB do this?” Because it is run by people who are greedy, and despite all their liberal blabber, don’t really care about anything but getting richer and richer. This time, the geniuses may have outsmarted themselves. I bet there will be a site for animal lovers taking tons of people from FB within weeks. I hope so.

  3. Pragmatist says:

    FB could become the new MySpace. You never know, especially when you offend millions of people simultaneously.

  4. lovelylisa1234 says:

    We hav just changed over to Page from a Friend acct but having LOTS of problems. Can any one help us? Main problems are 1) have tranferred freinds to Likes but have stopped receiving any news feed from any of them? 2) Also anyone who has Liked our Page – our Page is not showing in their list of Liked pages on their left hand panel with all other Non-Profit Org pages? Our link has disappeared from their Freinds list (understandably) but there is no link anywhere else on their account either – so makes people think we HAVE suddenly shut down and at the v least difficult to access our page 3) Any thing I now post doesnt reach friends/contacts/”Likees”! I have gone round all the settings a million times and yes, have read and read the above articles! but cannot fix. Help!! I wish had never changed over – this will really affect our charity badly. Can i change back? and take the risk of being shut down? or change to an Open group – which may be better? Any help or advice would be appreciated- there is alot at stake here :-(((

  5. lovelylisa1234 says:

    We just changed over to a Page from a Freind acct and am having LOTS of problems – is anyone able to help? The main problems are 1) have tranferred freinds to Likes but have stopped receiving any news feed from any of our ex-freinds now Likees?.2) Also anyone who has Liked our Page – our Page is not showing in their list of Liked pages on their l eft hand panel with all other Non-Profit Org pages. Our link has disappeared from their Freind list (unerstandably) but now it makes it difficult to access our site/page. 3) Also anything we now post doesnt reach friends/Likees/contacts/followers – whatever you want to call them! I have gone round all the settings a million times and YES I have tried to read the articles from links above but cannot fix. Help!! I wish had never changed over – this will really affect our charity badly. Can i change back and take the risk? or change to an Open group – which may better suit our needs? Any help would be appreciated :-(((

  6. lee maloney says:

    by closing all the pet accounts run by humans, FB will be losing tons of advertising sales on pet related products. I hope FB and their advertisers will be happy with the lost revenues. Don’t they realize that humans run those pages. Why can’t these people connect thru their pets instead of a personal page? Why do they have to use their real name? Alot of folks don’t want or cannot use their real name for personal/safety reasons. FB is becoming more and more like big government. Maybe it’s time to find another place for pet people to connect.

  7. olimpia marina says:

    Please everybody boycot this decision…Shame on Facebook

  8. Jamie says:

    This happened to a girl I know who does rescue. One day she went to get on and everything was simply…GONE.

  9. olimpia marina says:

    I can only say SHAME on face book if they do this…You don’t take back any present you give to someone……
    It is worse then bad manners.

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