Would you get Upset at your Veterinarian for this…


This is mainly geared towards those either associated with or running an Animal Rescue, Shelter, Pet Sanctuary, etc…

It is a simple question of expectation…

No organization does everything by themselves, they work with other professionals and volunteers to help animals in need.

So I have to ask…

Would you be upset at your Veterinarian if they did not help you transport pets across the country for you?

Would it bother you if a volunteer transporter did not offer to groom the pet to remove the matted fur?

Would you have an issue with your groomer if they refused to pull out an infected tooth in a pet for you?

Of course your answer to all of these situations… is NO.

Each one of these people offers a specialized service to your group… You don’t expect your Vet to transport… or your transport to groom… or your groomer to do vetting.

OK… second question.

Suppose you own a restaurant… and SEVERAL of your close friends come to you. Each one tells you about a very serious financial problem they are in… One has huge medical bills due to emergency surgery… one lost their job and is facing foreclosure on their house… one recently got a job (after months of waiting), but their car broke down, jeopardizing that job… another friend has had their power shut off in the middle of a cold winter.

They all are asking for the same thing… they want you to put a coffee can, on your counter, in your restaurant, with their story listed on it… so that YOUR customers will donate to help them out.

You simply cannot put a dozen coffee cans on the counter in your restaurant… and you certainly can’t “judge” which one of your friends plight is the most serious… so to keep things fair, you offer to help them in other ways, but tell them you cannot put cans on your counter and solicit each one of your restaurant customers.

So why do I mention all of this… simple. We face this on a weekly, if not daily basis.

We are an Animal Rescue Focused company that has a fairly clear mission.

1. Spreading Awareness

2. Helping Animal Rescue Groups

3. Promoting Pet Adoption

We do these 3 things many ways.

For instance, our t-shirts, car magnets, children’s book, etc… all have themes and messages that spread awareness about Animal Rescue and Promote Pet Adoption.

We also spread awareness and promote pet adoption with our Facebook Page and our RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed. website.

Our main focus, is helping Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters raise $$.

We do this through a hassle free, zero investment, t-shirt sales program. Groups do not have to spend a dime… do not have to risk $$ by purchasing inventory (hoping they buy the right sizes)… don’t have to take up valuable rescue time with packing and shipping.

Instead, groups are given their own t-shirt page, which they can then post on their Facebook page, to promote to their fans.

But we didn’t stop there.

We also created and maintain an Animal Rescue Facebook Directory, which is a state-by-state listing of all the animal rescue pages we find on Facebook. (Currently has more that 4000 listings!) This helps more people find groups on Facebook. (After all, Facebook’s search feature is awful.)

If that wasn’t enough… we also put together a collection of Facebook Promotion Tips to help groups more effectively reach their fans… and bring in new fans.

All of this we provide free of charge, with no rescue or shelter paying us a dime!

So what we do is help fans find the Facebook pages of Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters (through our directory)…  give them (rescues and shelters) strategies to better reach their existing fans and get new fans via our Free Marketing Tips… and we give them a free fundraising page to help groups earn $$ by selling our popular t-shirt designs (and shirts with a group’s own logo on them) to their fans.

So why are we even posting all this?


We still have groups that get upset with us for all the things we DON’T do. 😦

For instance… We DON’T post urgent pets on our Facebook page… there are WAY TOO MANY urgent pets… and if we posted every one, on our national page, that is all you would see. Besides… we are a fundraising and awareness page, not a crossposting page.

There are pages setup for posting urgent pets, but that is no our mission… Just like the Vet who is NOT a transporter, the transporter who is NOT a groomer, and the groomer who is NOT a vet.

Another thing we do not post are fundraising events for individual groups. We work with 100’s of groups, ALL with urgent needs. There is no way that we can post Chip-Ins, Donation Requests, Auctions, Scentsy events, etc… on our national page, for every group we work with. It would be unfair for us to try to “judge” which surgery is more important, or which fundraiser is more worthy than another.

So if we cannot post the fundraisers for ALL the animal rescue groups we work with, it is better that we do not play favorites and post “some”… so we post none of them.

Besides… our main focus and goal is to provide these groups with the tools (free of charge) to raise funds from their fans… and help them get more fans.

If you let your Vet… just be a Vet… and your Groomer… just be a Groomer… please don’t be upset when we try to do “what we do best”.

In the end… we want to help as many Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters as we can… but the way we do that, is by concentrating on what we know we can do well… and do THAT for as many groups as possible. 🙂

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7 Responses to Would you get Upset at your Veterinarian for this…

  1. Tambra says:

    Well said and I agree. I am in rescue and I certainly will not tell you how to run your business. Who am I to do that?! You spending HUGE time creating designs for complete strangers and then you turn and share your profits with those very rescues is a GIFT! A priceless gift. You spend hours creating ALL of your works. Anyone who has a LaCroix shirt should be thankful for that!

  2. Well I think this just makes too much sense:)

  3. help me says:

    Well said. Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  4. IShaw says:

    Extremely well written!!

  5. maggieeileen says:

    I agree, makes absolute sense. You do great! People just get caught up in their own situation & can’t see past it.

  6. Bernie says:

    Well said! I think that sometimes people are so focused on their own stuff……However, I know I follow you and think you are doing amazing things. Don’t let the sour apples get you down.

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