Rescues Can Learn a Lot from our Local Brewery…


There is a local brewery and restaurant that has figured things out.

You see… they make most of their $$ from selling micro-brewed beer and from their restaurant.

They make very little $$ on sales of t-shirt and clothing… but it is still something they promote heavily.


Pure and simple… it is FREE Advertising!

You cannot go to a farmer’s market, sporting event, or even to the local Wal-Mart without seeing several people wearing this brewery’s t-shirt.

No… they don’t “give them away”… they sell them. But they have very appealing designs, so their customers (Fans) buy them and wear them often.

There are many other places in town to get a beer and a meal, yet THIS establishment seems to be busy all the time… and is a common meeting place.

Again… it is difficult to walk through town, go to the post office… go to a hardware store… coffee shop… grocery store… etc… without seeing someone wearing their t-shirt.

As a t-shirt company, we work with animal rescue groups and shelters to help them raise funds through online fundraisers.

For most groups, t-shirt sales are a very small portion of their income… and unfortunately, they treat their t-shirt promotion with this in mind.

They are truly missing the boat on this.

Yes… the “fast and easy” money is made by posting a chip-in or a donation request… especially when it is tied to an urgent need. (Animal which needs surgery… pull fees… etc…)

So from a purely $$$ stand point, t-shirt sales are a slower source of income.

But on the other hand… these same groups that rarely promote their t-shirts… seem to FREQUENTLY post requests for fosters, adopters, and volunteers.

The brewery on the other hand, has to do very little advertising… mainly because so many of their customers (Fans) are doing their advertising for them!

No… they don’t make a lot of money selling their t-shirts… but they promote them like they do… because they understand the power of free advertising.

We have worked with groups that had some awesome, full-color logos… which made some great t-shirt designs. These were so cute, that you could put them in a pet supply store and people who knew nothing about the rescue would probably purchase them, simply because of how they looked.

But these groups failed to promote their shirts often enough… opting instead to focus on the “fast money” of chip-ins.

So… t-shirt sales were poor… and very few of their fans and supporters wore their shirts in public… and unlike the brewery… their exposure in their town was limited to adoption events. 😦

There are a few myths that are out there that we should clear up.

First myth is that a fan who spends $15 on a t-shirt, is using the $$ that they would have normally donated to the rescue.

This is untrue. If a fan is a big supporter of a rescue, they are often proud of that fact and want to wear a t-shirt IN ADDITION to any money they donate. Plus… everytime they put that shirt on, they are reminded of your group and your mission… and the fact that you run on donations, etc…  It also is a reminder to visit your website and keep up on all that your group is doing. 🙂

Also… believe it or not… there are fans that like to give… but like to get stuff in return. Have you ever seen a public television station telethon where they give “Thank you” gifts for donating?

Why do they do this? Simple… they know that some people are more likely to support a cause when they get something in return. Yes, it is hard to believe… but there ARE people that are more motivated to purchase an item in support of your group, as opposed to simply making a donation.

Bottom line… some people will purchase a t-shirt, when they may not have just donated cash… and those who already donate cash, are eager to wear a shirt to advertise the rescue they so generously support!

Also the more people in your town who are wearing your shirts… the more FREE ADVERTISING your group will receive. This can lead to better exposure… more fosters… more adoptions… more volunteers… and more donations.

Does your group have a colorful logo that can be put on a shirt?

If so… we can help you offer these to your fans/supporters with NO investment on your part. Yes… you will earn some $$ from the t-shirt sales… but more importantly, you will be getting FREE advertising all through your town.

Imagine if seeing someone in YOUR town wearing YOUR group’s t-shirt was a common, everyday occurrence?

If a brewery can do it… so can your group!

For more information on our t-shirt program, click here:

If you already have a t-shirt for sale, but are not selling as many as you think you should… be sure to check out this post.

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