Buy One Give One FREE Dog Food!


This is AMAZING!

Thirty people who are reading this post, have the ability to have 12 PALLETS of food donated (over the next 12 months) to Shelters all across the USA!



We have teamed up with the BOGO Bowl pet food company to start the RESCUED! National Pet Food Pantry. The way it works is simple. When you purchase your dog food from BOGO Bowl, you get FREE shipping directly to your house… AND for every bag you purchase, One FREE Bag is put in the RESCUED! pantry!

Once we have filled a pallet (30 bags), we will ship that pallet of food to an Animal Shelter in need of food!

This is AWESOME!

This means that if just 30 people purchased their Dog Food from BOGO Bowl… and bought ONE bag per month… RESCUED! could Donate TWELVE PALLETS worth of food each and every year!

If 300 people started buying BOGO Bowl food, that would be 120 Pallets per year donated! (10 each and every month!)

What kind of food do you feed your dog?

Puppy Formula?

Grain Free?



Weight Control?


NO PROBLEM! BOGO Bowl has all these, with FREE Shipping!

Would like to help us donate PALLETS of food to Shelters in Need? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do this, simply by “Feeding your dog” each and every month?

To learn more about our RESCUED! National Pet Food Pantry, and how YOU can help… Click Here

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