We owe an apology to the Animal Shelters out there…


We may have given you the wrong impression.

YES… we are starting a RESCUED! National Pet Food Pantry. However, a large component of this requires Fan Participation to get it going.

We have partnered with BOGO Bowl, and they have an awesome program going on. You see, when a fan of RESCUED! purchases a bag of BOGO Bowl Food… it is shipped directly to their home (FREE Shipping)… AND a FREE bag is put on our National Pet Food Pantry Pallet to be donated to an Animal Shelter.

When we have 30 bags on the pallet… it will be donated.

How much food we have to donate to shelters each and every month… is entirely up to our fans.

If 30 fans purchase BOGO Bowl food this week, and specific RESCUED! during checkout…


…we could donate a pallet of food Next Week!

And… if those 30 fans reorder a bag each and every month… those 30 fans would be responsible for RESCUED! donating 12 Pallets per year.

Heck… our Facebook Page has 37,000+ fans… so if 600 fans would switch to BOGO Bowl Foodwe could Donate 20 PALLETS Each and Every Month!

We know there is a BIG need… because we have received many, MANY emails from Shelters… asking how they can receive pet food donations from us.

We did not mean to give the wrong impression. Yes… we will be making donations but First… we need Fans… who believe that the Buy One, Give One FREE concept is worth supporting…  to switch to BOGO Bowl food.

THEN… we will have Pallets of Food ready for donation to shelters.

Seriously… It doesn’t take too many of our Fans to get this going.

30 Fans = 1 Pallet of Food Donated Each Month 

360 Fans = 12 Pallets of Food Donated Each Month 

600 Fans = 20 Pallets of Food Donated Each Month

So Yes… we “plan” on donating a bunch of food to shelters, just as soon as we find the 1-2% of our Fans, who are willing to give BOGO Bowl Food a try.

With 7 Varieties (Including Grain Free… which received a 5 out of 5 Dog Food Advisor Review Rating!) and FREE Shipping… we are sure it won’t be long until we are donating pallets of Pet Food to shelters all across the USA!


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