Volunteer of the Week… from Animal Resource Center – Laingsburg Michigan

Congratulations to Emma Smith!

She is RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed‘s Volunteer of the Week.

Here is Emma’s story as told by Megan McMahon, President & Feline Director of the Animal Resource Center:

Over a year ago, a local troop of Girls Scouts helped our rescue by making huge scratching posts to go to each cat adopted; they made posters and carried them in the local parade; they each gave a talk about rescuing pets to a local group of their choosing.

After all of that, one girl, Emma Smith asked to come over to volunteer.  I admit I thought that this would be a young girl just petting cats until she became bored, but I thought any help is needed. Her mother brought her over and described their love of pets – the entire family has been my most reliable asset for my rescue.

Unless out of town, Emma has come over EVERY weekend since!  She has learned clicker training and provides me valuable observations of her time with the cats. She has been priceless at adoption events, even arriving straight from her track events to help out!

I can honestly say that all of the cats have become more outgoing and therefore adoptable because they are not only getting some attention, they are getting Emma’s attention!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Rescues and Shelters, and all of us at RESCUED! are glad to recognize those on the “front lines”.

Thank you Emma, for all your hard work and dedication! We will be sending you a special Paw Print Pendant to show our appreciation.


Do you know of a special Volunteer or Foster that you would like to nominate for our Weekly Recognition? If so, please go to our Nomination Page for more info.

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3 Responses to Volunteer of the Week… from Animal Resource Center – Laingsburg Michigan

  1. Congratulations, Emma! Keep up the great work!

  2. Aww. That’s so nice to hear! I love that the girl scouts made and donated scratching posts too 🙂 Way to go!!

  3. Lynn Neuberg says:

    How sweet! Good work, Emma! You are an ANGEL to those kitties! Can you share how you made the scratching posts for others to make and donate too? I think that’s so AWESOME..The kitties thank you too!! Keep up the good work, hope others join your dedication too…..God bless you!

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