Are you doing this for the money?


It’s a question we get asked time to time. And would it surprise you that the answer is YES?

This year, we have donated $1,000’s upon $1,000’s of dollars to Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters, through our T-Shirt Fundraising Program.

Of course, there is more to all this than just fundraising. Part of our mission is Spreading Awareness and Promoting Pet Adoption. So… we published a Children’s Book.

We did not have the resources to simply give the book away, so we are selling them to people who want to give the books as gifts, donate them to their local schools and pediatrician offices, etc…

We then had a brilliant idea (at least we thought so)… why not take some of the $$$ from the book sales, and use it to purchase food for our RESCUED! National Pet Food Pantry? After all, it is a book about Animal Shelters… so why not make sales of the book help feed shelter pets?

So yes, we are doing this “for the money” and trying our best to put that money to good use! 🙂

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2 Responses to Are you doing this for the money?

  1. Great work you guys are doing, I am following your posts and will be writing to you soon about my work here in spain..

  2. Thank you for all you do! I bought a book and plan to buy more when I can for our local elementary school libraries.

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