Do your Facebook Fans scare you???

During the process of adding to, and updating our Animal Rescue Facebook Directory, we visit many, MANY Facebook pages.

I am truly amazed at the number of Rescue and Shelter pages that do not allow fans to post on their wall.

This is so sad.

Sure, these pages allow fans to comment on a photo or post that the page admin has started, however, if a recent adopter wanted to post pictures of their new fur friend in their happy home… it is not allowed.

These groups just don’t get it.

Fan Interaction is the #1 thing Facebook looks at when it decides whether or not to show YOUR post in your fan’s newsfeed.

In other words… if your fans haven’t interacted with your page in awhile,,, your posts become invisible to them.

The formula Facebook uses is actually quite complex, but the easy version is simply this:

More Fan Interaction = Better Visibility for your Page

We have heard all the excuses given about wanting to avoid spam posts or inappropriate posts or ???

And maybe… just maybe… if we didn’t run a RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed. Facebook page, which has over 37,000+ fans and weekly fan interaction in the 12,000-15,000 range… we might believe this.

But we know better.

We know that spam posts are not a big deal… and the way the new timeline is setup, fan posts will not ‘take over” your page, like they could in the past.

So… do yourself a favor.

Modify your page’s Facebook settings to allow your fans to fully interact with your page.

It will help your page grow and thrive… and will increase the number of fans who actually see your posts on Facebook.

… and, if you ARE still paranoid about inappropriate posts… simply give a volunteer admin duties on your page to “police” the posts.

Chances are, it will not be a problem!

Want to learn more about Facebook marketing?


Check out our FB Promotion Tips Here

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