Some Rescue Groups Drive Us CRAZY!


Imagine for a moment that you own a business.

… and every morning… on the way to work… and every evening, on the way home… you pass by the same street corner.

On that corner, each and every day… sits a man… holding a sign… which reads “Hungry, Need Help.”

One day, you stop and offer the man a sales job with your company. You tell him that his income will depend upon how well he follows directions. You mention that there is a learning curve, but you promise to teach him the ropes, and share the strategies your best employees use to sell products.

The man is very excited and shows up to work the very next day.

You give him proven tips, tricks, and strategies that you and your successful employees use everyday.

But soon… it is clear, that the man seems to have his “own way” of doing things… and even fails to do “the basics” of the job.

After a few days, he simply stops showing up to work.

And shortly thereafter… he is again, on the street corner, with that very same sign.

Now here is my question… do you think that your opinion of that man would be “different” once you knew he was given the opportunity to earn $$, but failed to take advantage of that opportunity?

If you knew that he didn’t even “try” to do the basics… yet alone give it 100% effort for even a brief amount of time… would you think differently of him?

I am guessing… Yes.

OK…  (Deep Sigh)…

Imagine you signup groups for fundraising programs… free of charge… and give them not only basic info on what to do to be successful… but also advanced techniques to help them succeed.

You also share the strategies that many other groups have used to be successful.

THEN… nothing happens.

They generate very few sales, if any… (and thus, receive few… if any, donations from us.)

The fundraising t-shirt page is not put on their website… it is not mentioned in their newsletters… and it is rarely promoted on Facebook (or if it is… it is promoted late at night when no one is awake to see the post… or “Bundled” with a half dozen other fundraisers, totally bombarding their fans… etc…).

A group that started out with:

1. A need for funds

2. Excitement about starting a new fundraising program

… never really got “Started”… and failed to even try to do “the basics”

So… is this simply a complaint about rescues who are not selling t-shirts for us?

Not at all…

We have signed up 100’s of groups, and not all of them are actively promoting their t-shirt page.

Some do very well at first… then move on to something else.

Others are slow and steady… receiving small, infrequent donations from us… as part of their overall fundraising strategy.

Still others do a big promotion every other month or so… with periods of inactivity.


Certain groups… who have put us on their email list… signed us up for their newsletter… and/or put us on their snail mail list…


Never gave our fundraising program a chance to succeed…


Send us… Beg us (and everyone else on their list) for $$$… over and over and over again

These groups drive us crazy.


When we see monthly (or weekly) newsletters… full of desperate pleas for donations… but not one mention of the fundraising program we setup for that group… it is frustrating.

When our snail mailbox… has mailing after mailing… asking us to donate $$$ to their group… it is irritating.

When we go to these group’s website… and see that they never even put their fundraising t-shirt link on their website… or worse… they have a link to a group that pays them 10% of sales, but no mention of our program that pays up to 33% (on a $14.95 t-shirt)… it Bugs us.

Sometimes… groups who signed up with us, but never took advantage of our free fundraising program… even contact us asking us to donate merchandise to their group.

Have you ever heard of that saying… “If I give you a fish, I can feed you for a day… but if I teach you how to fish, I can feed you for life!” ???

It seems that some of these groups have put the free fishing pole we gave them, in the closet… yet keep coming back to us, asking for another fish. 😦

Now… we know that we are not the solution to every groups fundraising needs… and some groups may try us out for awhile… then decide to do something different.

We are OK with that…

It’s those group who NEVER even give our program a chance… THEN send us a constant stream of Solicitations for Donations… that drive us Crazy.

You see… we are way too busy to go out and “look” for groups that are not promoting our offer.

Heck, in the last 4 days we have signed up TEN new groups…

and keeping up with printing and shipping our products…

making donations to rescues and shelters…

adding new groups to our Facebook Directory…

setting up groups with their free fundraising page

recognizing a new Volunteer/Foster of the Week each week…

sharing our FB Promotion Tips with rescues and shelters…

promoting our Children’s Book

building up our RESCUED! National Pet Food Pantry




keeps us plenty busy.

The only groups that really “Stand Out” are those who continue to beg for money from us, while not using the free tools we gave them, to raise money in the first place.

Would you view an “urgent plea for donations” from a group differently… if you knew they were not using ALL the resources at their disposal to raise funds?

Just asking.’

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One Response to Some Rescue Groups Drive Us CRAZY!

  1. Andy Mathis says:

    Absolutely I would view them differently. I’ve offered to help various rescue groups only to realize the same thing- that they really don’t want my help. They want a handout.

    So I focus on working with those groups who appreciate me and what I can do.

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