Volunteer of the Week… from SPCA Tampa Bay

Congratulations to Cindy Crane!

She is RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed‘s Volunteer of the Week.


Here is Cindy’s story as told by Mary Roberts, Level II Family Dog Trainer, SPCA Tampa Bay:

I would like to nominate Cindy Crane, Level III Family Dog Trainer, at SPCA Tampa Bay. I’ve known Cindy for four years and if I started a list of her contributions, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop. She’s a fierce advocate for all dogs but especially pit bulls. She works hard when at the shelter (I’ve even seen her cleaning kennels…they have staff for that) and also fosters. Cindy has four dogs of her own so the “pack environment” is an extra bonus for fosters going through adjustment. She participates in many SPCA “off-site” events. Cindy’s done so much and yet is always humble when praised for her contributions.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Rescues and Shelters, and all of us at RESCUED! are glad to recognize those on the “front lines”.

Thank you Cindy, for all your hard work and dedication! We will be sending you a special Paw Print Pendant to show our appreciation.


Do you know of a special Volunteer or Foster that you would like to nominate for our Weekly Recognition? If so, please go to our Nomination Page for more info.

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