Volunteer of the Week… from the Humane Society of West Texas

Congratulations to Beverley Ward Nichols!

She is RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed‘s Volunteer of the Week.

Here is Beverley’s story as told by Jacqueline Baltrun:

I nominate Beverley Ward Nichols. She is a foster who bottle feeds over 100 orphan kittens a year for the Humane Society of West Texas. We are one of two rescues in the area who take in kittens. Beverley loves each kitten and takes the best care of them, even though the bottle babies have to be fed every two hours and take a lot of work. She also socializes feral kittens and rehabs injured cats. And she provides vet care each week for foster pets at our Wellness Clinics.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Rescues and Shelters, and all of us at RESCUED! are glad to recognize those on the “front lines”.

Thank you Beverley, for all your hard work and dedication! We will be sending you a special Paw Print Pendant to show our appreciation.


Do you know of a special Volunteer or Foster that you would like to nominate for our Weekly Recognition? If so, please go to our Nomination Page for more info.

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One Response to Volunteer of the Week… from the Humane Society of West Texas

  1. Thank you very much, I’m honored to be chosen. It is a labor of love to care for these babies. Beverley

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