Why we sometimes DELETE your Facebook posts…


It’s nothing personal…

It is, however, all about the numbers.

For example, we have 1000’s of rescues and shelters listed in our Animal Rescue Facebook Directory.

We also have 100’s of groups signed up with our Free Fundraising Program.

And MOST of these groups have urgent animals… various fundraisers… some kind of contest they are in to win $$$… their own Chip-Ins… etc…

We simply CANNOT have each and every group, post their fundraiser, their contest, their urgent animals, etc… on our page.

And if we cannot let EVERYONE do it… it is unfair for us to pick and choose… so we pretty much remove all of these types of posts.

It’s not being mean… it is being FAIR.

Besides… fundraisers, chip-ins, voting contests, etc… are best advertised to YOUR fans… not the general public at large.

However, you are more than welcome to post a link to your website and/or facebook page and tell our fans about your group.

This way… people who are interested in learning more about your group… or getting involved… can visit your page and learn more about what you are doing.

Some people, see our 1000’s of facebook fans and think they can win the ‘chip-in lottery’ by posting on our page.

But seriously… do you really think that all these people, who know nothing about your group or your cause, are simply going to flood your group with donations?

Besides… even if they did (… and that is doubtful)… that would simply be “Giving you a fish”… and it would only feed you for a day.

If you learn how to fish, you can feed yourself for life.

In other words… if you work on getting more Facebook fans and supporters… they will in turn, see your current fundraiser… and future fundraisers… and may even be a future Foster, Volunteer, Adopter, etc…

Kinds of posts we don’t like to see on our wall:

Please help… this dog needs major surgery… chip-in is here:…


Please like our page here:... (i.e. Begging for likes with no real info about their group)

Kinds of posts we LOVE to see on our wall:

We are XYZ Lab Rescue, based in central California. We specializing in finding forever homes for all types of Labradors. Do you love Labradors as much as we do? If so, please visit our page and see how you can help us in our mission.

See the difference?

When you attract the “right” type of fans to your page… you will get “true” supporters of your cause, and they are more likely to help out your group.

If you post that you are trying to get to 5000 fans by December… you simply get people “liking” your page that go around and “like” EVERYONE’s pages.

However, if you tell people what your mission is, and what you do… you are much more likely to attract “supportive” fans that are actually interested in your mission.

We also love it when groups share their adoption success stories on our wall. You see, one of our missions is to show just how cool rescued pets are. So the more people who see that rescued pets are great… the more people will turn to shelters and rescues FIRST, when looking for a new pet.

We put this type of info, and a lot more, on our website in our FREE Facebook Marketing Tips.

So to recap…

We have many, many groups we work with.

We cannot have EVERY group posting urgent animals, fundraisers, contests, etc…

Since we cannot allow everyone to post these, it would be unfair to pick and choose.

We DO, however, allow groups to share info about themselves, and invite new fans to visit their page. All we ask is that you actually tell our fans something about your group… and not just “beg for likes”.

We love adoption success stories. So feel free to share those on our wall too!

Thanks! 🙂

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