Some Fans Won’t Buy Your Custom Shirt…

When it comes to fundraising, t-shirt sales are definitely a good idea.

For those rescues and shelters who are looking to sell shirts with their logo on them, there are several options.

First option, is to have them printed in bulk, by a local printer. This has its benefits and its downfalls. The benefit… is higher profit per shirt. The downsides include having to make an investment up-front to purchase the shirts… the problem of purchasing the “right sizes” in the “right amount”, so you are not left with the “wrong sizes” in inventory… also storage, order taking, and shipping can be a hassle… after all, you are in the business of saving animals, not running an eCommerce store.

Another option is simply uploading your design to one of the non-rescue related t-shirt sites. This option gives you a wide variety of products to sell with your logo… but there are monthly fees involved, and higher prices (to your customers) for items you sell. Also, some of the quality can be lacking. (We will put our $14.95 shirt up against any of the “value” t-shirts sold by our online competition… we won’t sell a thin, cheaply made t-shirt… unlike the other guys.)

The third option is to sign-up with our Zero Investment, No Fee, No Hassle, Fundraising Program. Since we are “All about Animal Rescue”… the benefits go far beyond just having a t-shirt page somewhere in cyberspace. We don’t just give you a t-shirt page and walk away… no… we also will promote your group and t-shirt page, from time to time, on our RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed. Facebook page… as well as our Animal Rescue Facebook Directory.

But Wait… there is more…

You see… in addition to having YOUR logo shirt for sale… you also get to offer for sale (and receive a commission on) our popular animal rescue themed shirts.

And believe it or not… some fans won’t buy your custom shirt… but will purchase one of our designs.

This happens all the time… and no matter how often I tell rescue groups this… some still don’t understand.

For example… a group we signed up last week… had one sale, for one of their custom shirts… right off the bat.

Very good… however the next sale was for SIX shirts… and NONE of them were the group’s custom shirt… they were ALL our cartoon animal rescue shirts… yet the group still made $5 per shirt for each one sold.

This fan not only purchased 6 shirts… but they were all different designs!

Would this fan have purchased 6 of the group’s logo shirts, if those where the only ones offered? Probably not… considering they did not even purchase ONE of the group’s custom shirts.

As a matter of fact, even with groups that have a custom shirt… 35-45% of all sales from their t-shirt mini-site are of OUR animal rescue cartoon shirts.

This is $$$ that they would not be earning if they only sold shirts with their design.

Some groups have decided not to use us for their t-shirt fundraising… often because they want to try to sell shirts for more $$ and earn more profit per shirt.

However… from a fan’s/supporter’s view point… they are much more likely to purchase a $14.95 shirt… than a $20-$25 t-shirt…

AND… by offering your fans MORE Variety… it works out that 35-45% of your fans will buy our Animal Rescue Cartoon Shirtsthus, providing your group with MORE sales than if you only sold your own design.

So yes… some fans won’t buy your custom shirt. 😦  However… when they purchase one of our designs, your group STILL earns $$$. 🙂

So what is the bottom line?

You can invest in t-shirts with your logo on them… hope you ordered the right amount of the correct size… and find time to handle all the order processing/shipping/etc… while still doing the most for the animals you are trying to rescue.

You can upload your logo to a popular, non-rescue related t-shirt company… and sell “just” your logo shirt, and have to contend with monthly fees, poor quality “value” shirts, etc…


You can let us offer your group’s custom shirt for sale PLUS all our other popular animal rescue cartoon designs… receive a commission on ALL shirts sold (even the one’s without your logo)… and let us promote your group and shirt on our FB Page, Animal Rescue Directory, our Blog, etc… all for Zero Fees… while we handle all the order processing, shipping, etc…

Find out more about our easy, hassle free, t-shirt fundraising program by clicking here.

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