Our RESCUED! Post Card Experiment…


We don’t believe in SPAM… mostly because we hate it ourselves.

Also… messaging groups via Facebook is a form of SPAM, and against their rules… so we won’t do that either.

However, we still wanted to find a way to share our fundraising program with groups that may need to raise some $$$.

So… we designed a post card… and sent it out to 78 different animal rescue groups across the USA.

We did not, however, mail these out blindly.

We were very particular.

We chose groups that…

1. Had a very colorful logo, that we knew would make a great shirt.


2. Did NOT have any t-shirts for sale on either their website or facebook.


3. Had posts on facebook stating that they needed to raise funds.

We did not want to waste $$ sending cards to groups that already had established t-shirt sales going… so we skipped any of those groups.

After all, our focus is to simply help rescue groups earn $$… not try to steal business away from other t-shirt providers.

So again… we clicked through all the pages of these group’s websites, making sure they had no t-shirts for sale.

So here we are offering a FREE service… to groups with a very colorful logo… no shirt available for their fans to purchase… and a stated need for $$$ on their facebook wall.


So… How did we do?

Maybe it’s too early to tell… but we have only gotten a few new Rescues signed up from all the groups we sent postcards to.


UPDATE: As of December 1st, we only signed up 3 groups from our Postcard campaign. 😦

We were hoping for more… especially since the holiday shopping season is just around the corner.

There might be more soon… but it is hard to tell. Small groups, that don’t have a board of directors to go through, tend to sign up quicker. Larger groups have to send things though committees to get approval.

I think we may need to re-evaluate our strategy. We continue to help as many groups as we can… but finding new groups to help is always a challenge.

If YOUR group needs an easy, no investment, hassle free, t-shirt fundraising program… we can have you up and running fast! Click here for info

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