Wow! You Guys are Harsh!


We get many, many emails.

Sometimes, these emails are very blunt.

It appears that some of you really don’t like “breed specific” rescues. You somehow think that ALL rescues should rescue EVERY animal… and somehow, this would result in MORE pets being saved.

You are Wrong… very, very Wrong.

Understand this… the measure of a Rescue is not just that they keep pets from being euthanized in shelters, but ALSO that they turn “potential pet purchasers” into “pet adopters”.

So imagine for a moment you are someone who wants to purchase a Beagle… you start out your search online, to find out all about the breed… and to also figure out the best place to get a beagle.

When doing a search… you come across many beagle related websites. Some are just general discussion boards, some are info from breeders, some are beagle information websites, and some are Beagle Rescues!

Stop right there.

If EVERY rescue was simply a “we rescue all animals” type of rescue… there would be no Beagle specific rescue websites… and “regular folks” who are looking for a beagle, would never discover that they can “adopt” a beagle, as opposed to purchasing one.

You see… having “Breed Specific Rescues” actually saves MORE pets, because they attract people looking to purchase a specific breed, and turn them into “adopters”.

So please save your self some time and energy… no need to send us emails “bashing” breed specific rescues.

OK… one more type of email that we often get, is one criticizing groups who you feel “cherry pick” the best and most adoptable pets from shelters… while leaving other pets to die (sick, injured, behavioral problems, etc…).

(Deep Sigh).

Questions for you… What… and How Much can YOU do? What resources do you have at your disposal?

If you are a small rescue… and can only manage to raise $1000 a month… is it wrong to rescue 5 pets with that money… as opposed to 1 or 2 that would be more expensive to pull, rehabilitate, and adopt out?

Isn’t saving 5 pets a  month, better than just 1 or 2?

On the other hand… if you are a large group… that can raise much, much more $$$, you can afford to pull sicker animals, because you have the resources to vet them.

So don’t “bash” groups that are actively rescuing and adopting out pets… just because you think they are taking all the “good” animals. We all have varying degrees of support and resources… and many of these groups are doing the best they can, with the resources at their disposal.

Heck… you could actually “turn the tables” and reverse the argument. After all… why aren’t you upset at the groups that raise $5000 and rescue only 5 “sick” pets… when they “could” have rescued many more healthy animals. After all… healthy pets, NOT rescued from shelters, are put to sleep every day! So it could be that the groups that “cherry pick” so-to-speak, may actually be saving MORE pets!

(We discuss this further in our Article Are Some Pets Better Off Euthanized?)

Bottom line is this… instead of sending us emails “bashing” other rescues on what they are doing… why don’t YOU go out and rescue some pets in whichever way you feel is appropriate?

After all… you rescuing… PLUS all the groups you seem to not like “rescuing”… will result in MORE pets being saved.

If YOU cannot rescue yourself… just ignore the groups you don’t like… and find one you DO like, and support their efforts in any way you can!

Either way… please don’t be offended if we don’t respond to your emails… we are too busy helping Rescues and Shelters to do what they do best, to spend time on a few people “bashing” other rescues.

Sorry… 😦

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8 Responses to Wow! You Guys are Harsh!

  1. I love your responses, I have been following your emails and think you do a great job of answering the many doubters and criticisers in animal rescue, especially when you are doing your best. I think everybody, everywhere should give a huge pat on the back to rescuers, however they are doing it because it is definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world. All criticism does is drag peoples energy down when they need all the energy they can get. Speaking from experience, doing a job to try to change the problems for animals here in spain. Come on all you people out there give these guys a big pat on the back and support them? Do not try to find fault and like these guys say, try it for yourselves and see the difficulties.
    All the best and a huge pat on the back from me.

    Viv Wharton
    President of Animal Care Treatment Internation Network (spain)


    Absolutely love this! Very well said!! Great post to start the day 🙂

  3. I am president of a refuge in France and we try to save every single dog that arrives. Some are “cost effective” (ie easy to turn around and have adopted), others cost us hundreds of euros in vets bills that we can’t recoup from the adoption and have to raise funds to subsidise. I never criticise what other refuges do; no decisions are easy and we are lucky to have the volunteers and fundraisers who make it all possible.
    It is a hard road we have all chosen. Stay united.. For them.

  4. Sara says:

    I have to admit I don’t follow every day because, well, I’m busy working and doing rescue. I love this post and commend you for what you do for the rescues! One thing that’s sad too: many single-breed rescues look upon multi-breed rescues as second best or less-than. With few exceptions, one need not specialize in one breed in order to find a great home for that breed. A labrador can be placed as well as a chihuahua – by the same person who knows what they’re doing placing dogs in general. Oh I suppose I should climb off my soap box. If more rescues could get along and work together, the fundraising, fostering and adoption potential would be HUGE.

  5. Deb Hipp says:

    I never really thought breed-specific rescue that way before. Way to make a great point. By the way, at the high-kill city shelter where I volunteered, the “big” rescue organization also didn’t take the harder-to-adopt pets, mostly just the ones they knew they could move and they get lots and lots of donations. You’re right — people should quit complaining about the people actually rescuing the dogs and get out there and help to do it. Maybe open their home to a foster dog or cat. That would be a great start.

  6. Well said, Rescued is my Favorite Breed… and thanks for all you do to help the rescues!

  7. Mari says:

    I friggin love it. Thank you thank you. mari with southern California SIAMESE RESCUE. A breed specific rescue AND run by a VERY small set of volunteers, we would be lucky to raise $1000 a month!!!

  8. Lynn says:

    Love, love you guys for all you do.

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