We are Watching You…












It’s True… we do a lot of tracking. There is a tracking code on every page of our website and every page of our Animal Rescue Facebook Directory.

But don’t worry… this is all used for Good. 🙂

You see… we frequently post links on facebook… that direct fans to certain pages on our website.

We can then track the effectiveness of those posts… then “tweak” the wording, the message, the timing… to see which works best. (i.e. generates the most clicks to our website.)

We also play around with text posts that have a link, but no thumbnail image… links with thumbnail images… pictures with links in the description… etc…

Why do we do this?

Simple… we are trying to figure out how Facebook works. We are developing strategies that reach our fans in the most effective way, WITHOUT having to pay Facebook for “promoted posts”.

Does your group track your Facebook posts? My guess is no… because it takes a lot of time and effort and resources.

There is much more to facebook than simply posting a message to your fans and “hoping” they see it in their newsfeed… and then “hoping” that people click on your link.

Especially if your post is seeking donations, transportation help, volunteers, fosters, etc…

Do long posts work better than short? Does having a “call to action” (i.e. please click here) work better than simply using a “more info here:” type of approach?

We use our Rescued! Is My Favorite Breed. facebook page as a “testing ground” to find out what works and what doesn’t.

And new for 2013… we are offering an affordable, customized, coaching service for groups that what to reach more of their fans via facebook… and gain new fans… without paying Facebook for Advertising.

More info on our FB Page Review & Coaching Service here.

Yes… we will still be offering (and updating) our FB Promotion Tips to groups (or anyone for that matter) for free… but we have also had requests for a more personalized approach to helping groups.

So if you would like us to go over your FB page with a fine toothed comb, then give you a ton of promotion advice, customized strategies, show you screen shots of examples, and one-on-one sharing of the techniques we have used to accomplish this:

Simply click here for more information.

We would be glad to help!


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