Be Careful What You Add to your Amazon Wish List!


We have been looking at a lot of amazon wish lists lately.

A few of these wish lists, have items on them that are probably there for a good reason, but without the “back story” it is confusing or gives the wrong impression to your supporters.

For example… let’s say you have this great idea to have videos of your adoptable pets, showing on a flat screen TV, in the lobby of your shelter.

That is a great idea… But simply adding a 36″ Flat Screen TV to your Amazon Wish List may send the wrong impression to a potential supporter that visits your list.

I have seen things like laptops, tablets, digital cameras, TV’s, etc… put on wish lists.

It’s our opinion that these things are better obtained through a chip-in or donation campaign… as opposed to simply putting these items on Amazon.


Well… for one thing, it gives you a chance to explain what the items are for. No… this camera is not going to be used as a bonus for someone in your group… it is going to be used to take photos of adoptable pets to put online…. or… this laptop will be used at adoption events for a digital adoption form… etc…

Secondly, these are often high dollar items… so by using a chip-in to raise money for these, you are not simply looking for ONE wealthy fan to purchase the item… you are giving many people the option to contribute.

Finally… having high dollar electronics on your wish list can also “turn off” fans who may have simply purchased and donated a smaller item. You really cannot get into “the mind” of all of your fans… so, you really don’t know those who may be thinking that your group is taking advantage of the wish list (even though you are not).

People expect to see the “usual items” on a wish list… food, toys, flea medications, beds, crates, cleaning supplies, cat litter, etc…

Putting a $400 digital camera or $500 flat screen TV or a $600 laptop on that list, however… may be sending the wrong message.

If YOUR group wants to learn how to Maximize your Amazon Wish List exposure and earn MORE donations… be sure to visit this link:

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