Why we started doing one-on-one Facebook Page Reviews

ImageThis could apply to ANY business, hobby, etc… but for a moment, let’s pretend you are a professional dog groomer.

You have many friends who do their own dog grooming, however some have a difficult time with it.

If you wanted to help them “all” by writing a Dog Grooming Tutorial… you could certainly do that. 

However, trying to remember and write down, all the little tricks and techniques you have learned over your may years of grooming, may be a challenge.

Then there is the problem of trying to make it generic enough so that all your friends would learn from your tutorial… and often, without those “Tips” being put into context, your friends may not fully understand how to apply those techniques.

Contrast that with you offering each of your friends the opportunity to groom a dog, right in front of you, while you offer suggestions, tips, tricks, etc..

That would take much more time for you… but it would be so much better for your friends. Personalized, one-on-one coaching.

THAT… is the concept behind our One-On-One Facebook Page Review and Coaching Service

We have been publishing online facebook tutorials for quite awhile now. But they are fairly generic.

With our One-On-One service… we look at YOUR page… YOUR posts… and give you a personalized PDF report (often 22+ pages), giving you SPECIFIC suggestions, strategies, etc… 

This is much better than reading a tutorial.

Anyone who has been in sports, and had a coach give them one on one guidance… or took piano lessons and had help from a teacher… etc… knows how important receiving “specific feedback regarding what you are actually doing” is, compared to simply reading instructions from a book.

If you are frustrated with Facebook. If you are not getting the number of fans you think you should. If you do not think you are reaching as many of your fans as you could. If you have ever thought of “paying facebook for promoted posts” (Please don’t do this).

Be sure to check out our One-On-One Facebook Page Review and Coaching Service.

We can help you understand Facebook better!

Remember, if we give you a fish, we feed you for a day. However, if we “teach” you how to fish, we feed you for life!

To learn more about what we can offer you, to help you with your facebook page, click here: http://www.rescuedismyfavoritebreed.org/FacebookPageReview-Coaching.htm 


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