Rescues Can Learn a Lot from our Local Brewery…

Still as true today, as it was last year…



There is a local brewery and restaurant that has figured things out.

You see… they make most of their $$ from selling micro-brewed beer and from their restaurant.

They make very little $$ on sales of t-shirt and clothing… but it is still something they promote heavily.


Pure and simple… it is FREE Advertising!

You cannot go to a farmer’s market, sporting event, or even to the local Wal-Mart without seeing several people wearing this brewery’s t-shirt.

No… they don’t “give them away”… they sell them. But they have very appealing designs, so their customers (Fans) buy them and wear them often.

There are many other places in town to get a beer and a meal, yet THIS establishment seems to be busy all the time… and is a common meeting place.

Again… it is difficult to walk through town, go to the post office… go to a hardware…

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