What would YOU want if YOU got lost???

Imagine you are out in the woods, hiking, and get lost.

Don’t worry… you have an embedded chip in your neck, so “when” and “if” you are found, people will know who your family is…

Does that sound good?


Would you rather have a GPS device on you… so the INSTANT your family realizes you are lost, they can come find you?

Of course the latter is better.

Now don’t get me wrong… Microchipping pets is VERY IMPORTANT!

However, it only works once a pet is found… and then brought to someone with reader.

How long that pet is lost, and roaming in the cold, dark night… is anyone’s guess.

So what can pet owners do, who want to provide EXTRA protection for their fur-kids? How about those dogs that tend to “escape” despite your best efforts?

The answer is a GPS pet collar. The instant you realize your pet is missing, you can go out and actively “find them” using an app on your phone!

No putting up “missing posters”… no waiting by the phone, hoping someone finds them and checks their microchip.

It is an awesome invention, and can be seen here: http://www.rescuedismyfavoritebreed.org/GPS-Pet-Tracking-Collar-CLICK-HERE.htm

GPS Collar with Tracking App for Phone

GPS Collar with Tracking App for Phone

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