Earning $$ via Facebook for Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters

Facebook has made it harder to reach fans without paying for promoted posts or ads.

But it is still possible… It just requires a slow and steady approach.

We have over 800 rescue groups signed up with our t-shirt fundraising program but most are NOT earning much money.


I cannot say with 100% accuracy. Some groups have a very small Facebook following… Other groups may have “begged for likes” giving themselves big FB numbers, but not a lot of actual supporters, etc..,

It is just hard to say.

However, I can say that the groups we work with that make the most $$ on a consistent basis do have one thing in common…

They use the slow and steady approach.

Some groups post once or twice on FB, hoping to win the “t-shirt sales lottery”.

This rarely works.

After all… Your fans are busy… They like many different FB pages… And they may or may not see your group’s post.

Even if they do see your post.., there is no guarantee they are going to make a purchase right then and there.

We all have busy lives… And when was the last time you saw something you were interested in… Only to forget about it a short time later?

It happens…

The successful animal rescue groups and shelters we work with, tend to post their t-shirt fundraising pages on Facebook on a regular basis… And every 8th day seems to work best.

Many groups are very busy saving animals… So they actually use facebook’s scheduled posts feature to pre-schedule their t-shirt posts for a few months at a time.

It is simple… Free… Takes very little time… And frankly, we are not sure why more groups are not using this option.

Of course including your t-shirt fundraising link in EVERY email newsletter you send out, is also a good idea.

Again, just because someone saw the link last month, does not mean they were ready to purchase. Advertising 101 says that most people need to see an offer 4-6 times before they respond to it.

We will continue to help animal rescue groups and shelters with fundraising, because that is what we do.

Signing up new groups is great, but if we can help those who have already signed up with us, earn more $$… Even better!


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