Rescued! Is My Favorite Breed.

RESCUED! Is My Favorite Breed is brought to you by LaCroixTees,
a company dedicated to helping out animal rescue groups and


~ Spreading Awareness of Animal Rescue Issues

~ Helping Animal Rescue Groups/Shelters Raise Money via online

~ Promoting Pet Adoption to increase Demand for Animal Adoption

~ Assisting Animal Rescue Groups with online marketing to grow
their fan base

~ Using our Animal Rescue Facebook Directory to give the public easier access to
the Rescues/Shelters on Facebook

LaCroixTees also works with groups to help them raise much needed
funds through easy, hassle free fundraising.

If you can post a link on your facebook page or your website, you
can be earning money for your group FAST!

Our cartoon animal rescue themed shirts are very popular. We can
set your group up with a mini-website selling our shirt designs,
and pay your group $5 for every t-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, or
hoodie sold.

NEED $$$ For Your Shelter or Rescue Group??? click here


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