Your Rescue Group or Shelter is “Missing the Boat”!


I bet there are people who live 10 miles away… 5 miles away… even 6 blocks away from you… who are on facebook “all the time”… yet they don’t even know your group exists.

I bet that I could go to your FB page… look at all the pages you have “liked” and will see few (if any) Local non-pet related pages.


I thought the idea was to reach your community so when it was time for people to get a pet, they would look to your group first?

How can they do this, if they don’t know you?

OK… here is a scenario from our own town that illustrates what we are getting at.

There is a very popular pizza place in our town, that has an active facebook following. (i.e. many people taking part in discussions, most of them local people.)

Often you will see comments… (appropriate for the topic) by other pages such as “Jen’s Mary Kay Cosmetics” or “Pampered Chef Solutions” or “Hair Design by Susan”… etc…

These people are commenting “as their page” on the pizza place’s page.

They are NOT, however… saying “Please visit my business” or “Please like my page” or “Please buy my products” in their posts.

They ARE, simply commenting on their favorite pizza toppings, what their plans are for the summer, the best part of living near the ocean, or any of the many other random questions the pizza place posts on their wall.

In a nutshell… those businesses are just “being part of the conversation” and are getting noticed.

I don’t know a single rescue who has “too many foster families”… or a shelter with a “waiting list, due to all of their pets being adopted”.

Being “a part of the community” in any and EVERY possible way, is definately beneficial.

And Finding, Liking, and “being a part” of every local FB page you can find… is a good strategy.

But wait… you are Far Too Busy to do all that… Right?

Hmmm… again… I bet there are “potential volunteers” among your FB fans who may not be able to foster, or adopt, or walk dogs for you… but “could” help out online.

You could find a volunteer with plenty of free time, and make them an admin on your FB page. Make it their ONLY duty to Find, Like, and Comment (on a regular basis) on the FB pages of your LOCAL businesses and organizations.

It is actually VERY Easy… the admin “uses facebook as your page”… likes as many local pages as they can find… then on a regular basis, they simply browse your page’s newsfeed (while logged in as your group), where they can quickly scan posts by all the pages your page has liked… and make quick comments (or simply like) on posts from all the pages in your community.

No Soliciting… No “Come like our page”… No talk of rescued animals at all… and Definitely NO CROSS POSTING!

You don’t want to be a spammer or a nuisance.

Simply be a “fly on the wall, who also joins in on the conversations, likes posts/photos, etc”… so that the Fans of All Those Pages will see the name of “XYZ Rescue” or “ABC Animal Shelter” (i.e. your group’s name) on a regular basis.

If we need something from “Pampered Chef” or “Mary Kay” or want to try a new Hair Stylist… we already know who to contact… because we see them on our favorite Pizza Place’s FB Wall all the time. (And they never solicit). Visiting their pages is as easy as clicking on their FB name. And although we have never actually “met” them… we feel like we “know them” because they are on the same FB pages we are on.

Get the picture?

Do the people in your town, who NEVER visit a single pet related FB page, see YOUR group’s name on a regular basis?

More Facebook Promotion Tips and Tricks can be found here:

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A Dog’s Purpose Book – A Great Read!


See it here:

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What would YOU want if YOU got lost???

Imagine you are out in the woods, hiking, and get lost.

Don’t worry… you have an embedded chip in your neck, so “when” and “if” you are found, people will know who your family is…

Does that sound good?


Would you rather have a GPS device on you… so the INSTANT your family realizes you are lost, they can come find you?

Of course the latter is better.

Now don’t get me wrong… Microchipping pets is VERY IMPORTANT!

However, it only works once a pet is found… and then brought to someone with reader.

How long that pet is lost, and roaming in the cold, dark night… is anyone’s guess.

So what can pet owners do, who want to provide EXTRA protection for their fur-kids? How about those dogs that tend to “escape” despite your best efforts?

The answer is a GPS pet collar. The instant you realize your pet is missing, you can go out and actively “find them” using an app on your phone!

No putting up “missing posters”… no waiting by the phone, hoping someone finds them and checks their microchip.

It is an awesome invention, and can be seen here:

GPS Collar with Tracking App for Phone

GPS Collar with Tracking App for Phone

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New Animal Rescue Tees in Dark Colors

Peace Love Adopt Shirt

Peace Love Adopt Shirt

As requested… we now are adding t-shirt designs that can be printed on Darker colored shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies!

Visit our RESCUED! T-Shirt shop to see them:

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Rescues Can Learn a Lot from our Local Brewery…

Still as true today, as it was last year…



There is a local brewery and restaurant that has figured things out.

You see… they make most of their $$ from selling micro-brewed beer and from their restaurant.

They make very little $$ on sales of t-shirt and clothing… but it is still something they promote heavily.


Pure and simple… it is FREE Advertising!

You cannot go to a farmer’s market, sporting event, or even to the local Wal-Mart without seeing several people wearing this brewery’s t-shirt.

No… they don’t “give them away”… they sell them. But they have very appealing designs, so their customers (Fans) buy them and wear them often.

There are many other places in town to get a beer and a meal, yet THIS establishment seems to be busy all the time… and is a common meeting place.

Again… it is difficult to walk through town, go to the post office… go to a hardware…

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Rescue Dog Mom Pendants


Here is a great way to “show off” the fact that you are a proud mom of a rescued pet.

These dichroic glass pendants come in a variety of colors.

See our entire inventory here

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Why we started doing one-on-one Facebook Page Reviews

ImageThis could apply to ANY business, hobby, etc… but for a moment, let’s pretend you are a professional dog groomer.

You have many friends who do their own dog grooming, however some have a difficult time with it.

If you wanted to help them “all” by writing a Dog Grooming Tutorial… you could certainly do that. 

However, trying to remember and write down, all the little tricks and techniques you have learned over your may years of grooming, may be a challenge.

Then there is the problem of trying to make it generic enough so that all your friends would learn from your tutorial… and often, without those “Tips” being put into context, your friends may not fully understand how to apply those techniques.

Contrast that with you offering each of your friends the opportunity to groom a dog, right in front of you, while you offer suggestions, tips, tricks, etc..

That would take much more time for you… but it would be so much better for your friends. Personalized, one-on-one coaching.

THAT… is the concept behind our One-On-One Facebook Page Review and Coaching Service

We have been publishing online facebook tutorials for quite awhile now. But they are fairly generic.

With our One-On-One service… we look at YOUR page… YOUR posts… and give you a personalized PDF report (often 22+ pages), giving you SPECIFIC suggestions, strategies, etc… 

This is much better than reading a tutorial.

Anyone who has been in sports, and had a coach give them one on one guidance… or took piano lessons and had help from a teacher… etc… knows how important receiving “specific feedback regarding what you are actually doing” is, compared to simply reading instructions from a book.

If you are frustrated with Facebook. If you are not getting the number of fans you think you should. If you do not think you are reaching as many of your fans as you could. If you have ever thought of “paying facebook for promoted posts” (Please don’t do this).

Be sure to check out our One-On-One Facebook Page Review and Coaching Service.

We can help you understand Facebook better!

Remember, if we give you a fish, we feed you for a day. However, if we “teach” you how to fish, we feed you for life!

To learn more about what we can offer you, to help you with your facebook page, click here: 


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